At Tasty Bakery Cafe,

we believe quality
is the number one ingredient.

Our story…

Tasty Bakery Cafe is both a Brazilian bakery and a Café owned by a Brazilian family.

We come from small cities in the heart of Brazil, but grew up here in the big peach state of Georgia.

Why did we choose to come to Kennesaw, GA? To live a new family adventure, to live the American way of life and of course to share our love for the Brazilian cuisine and culture.

With generations of bakers in our family, our service level goes beyond just providing baked goods to our customers. We believe in building moments that allow relationships to flourish and kindness to blossom.

Our founders grew up enjoying the pastries and cakes from their hometown in Brazil while gathering around the family table.

We, at Tasty Bakery Cafe, are here to share the sweet flavor of Brazil with you.

Our hope is that each moment gathered around a table creates a memory that will be cherished forever.

We’d love to hear from you!

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